Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Letter Home (Adventure 1)

Dearest Akilah,

I write to you as even now we sit, resting briefly, before liberating innocents of Greenest held captive in a temple of Chauntea. To say that my time in the north has been eventful is an understatement.

You can recall the book we found while adventuring, with the name of the far-off cultists? Well we were told in Candle Keep that there would be a buyer in Greenest. When we arrived we found the settlement under attack by the same cult in which the book contains the names of some of the affiliates! What is more, an azure dragon was overseeing the attack! This one seemed smaller than the wyrms of our southern tales. Perhaps the cold weather does not allow northern dragons to grow as big as the their southern counterparts?

Fending off cultists, we escorted a family to the safety of the keep after rescuing them form certain death. Among their number was woman named Lena, who seemed not unaccustomed to battle, yet not a soldier either. Within the walls of the keep we met Governor Nighthill and an enigmatic dwarf named Castellan Escobert the Red. The governor tasked us with assisting him, as his forces were busy defending the keep, and we (Myself, the vagrant Brir, and creature that calls itself Discord) accepted.

The strange castellan gave us keys to enter a sewer. At first i found myself curious, however after being attacked by a swarm of rats, I have decided that I do not care for sewers. What is more, this sewer was especially uncared for. After receiving this, I expect you will have the sewers beneath the palace cleared of rodents and detritus.

After exiting the sewers we encountered a band of cultists that were dispatched and captured. We now are holding two cultists captive in the sewers, as Nighthill seeks to question them. We also discovered, fortuitously, that we can travel more stealthily along the rive, as the noise masks our steps.

As for myself, I am well and in highest of spirits. I have longed to see lands that are not mine, and thus far the North has not disappointed. I have resolved to recruit a halfling to our band. Having familiarized myself with recent stories of the north, it seems all bands who accomplished greatness had a halfling in their midst. I do not think this is happenstance. The north is a harsh, dangerous land. I suspect that at times it becomes rather bleak, more so for the longer lived races that walk among constant reminders of the decline of their once great civilizations. The halflings seem somewhat resilient to despair, and their culture is one of enjoyment and simple pleasures. I suspect that the enjoyment of those things serve as valuable reminder to the more susceptible races, as they get mired in the atrocities they face.

There is no doubt now that Discord is who you thought she was. The arrangement of our “chance” meeting to adventure with Veradda Stoor was a sound suggestion indeed. Discord is unstable at times, and though it pains me, I think keeping an eye on her in this far away land is the best course of action.

Speaking of that disappointment of a woman, Veradda Stoor, did you get a chance to clear up that whole mess with her father? Wanted in the questioning of his favored daughter’s death, how absurd. I sometimes wonder why the family tolerates these brigand-sovereigns who call themselves “Pasha”?

As for the vagrant, Brir, she proves very interesting. She is intelligent beyond my expectations and her use of a bow is unparalleled even among the finest of palace archers. What is more, she is brave and observant. In short, with so many good qualities, I am curious why she lived among the squalor?

I hope this letter finds you well Akilah. I long for home. The north is a place devoid of of the sultury mysterious of a dessert evening, or the fragrant trader-winds that carry the scent of sea-salt and spice as the cool your sweating brow. Yet I know that this is where I best serve the family, and value how much I can appreciate my lands now that I do not walk among them.


Sultan Assof yn Oron yn Yael yi Almraiven

6 looters bags (No value as we intend to return the goods to the Greenest people)
From the last adventure:
Scroll of comprehend languages. Discord
Tiny house cat-sized bear named Blood-drinker. Brir
Partially destroyed book listing some names and locations of various Culf of the Dragon agents active in the Heartlands. Assof


Osman Mars

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