Imzel "Immy" Negroda

Artificer bent on stopping the Cult of the Dragon


Character Info
Immy is haunted by the images of her adopted father dying next to her during the attack on Greenest and her near death. Brir’s saving of Immy’s life as instilled her need to never leave a companion behind.

Immy’s adopted father didn’t know much about raising children so her rearing was not that dissimilar to that of a soldier with higher rank dealing with a subordinate. Because of this, Immy does what she must to obey authority that is proven just, but has little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.

Immy doesn’t have any memories of her earliest childhood. She was adopted by her father, a widower and transplant to Greenest from Rashemen, who served on the Greenest militia and watch. Perhaps because she was different from most in Greenest like he was, Immy’s father was exceedingly kind to her, and encouraged her to pursue her interests wherever they lay. At a very young age Immy’s father arranged for Immy to fall under the part-time tutelage of the tinker-travler gnome, Luftvargher Von Listleschleppin. Luftvarger would make it a point to stop in an check in Immy’s progress at least once a season.

A year ago, Immy decided to follow in her father’s foot steps and requested she be allowed to serve Greenest. She was accepted into the Greenest Militia/Watch as full time member, as position seldom afforded by Governor Nighthill to anyone. The plan was that she would serve alongside her father until such time as he retired, then Immy would assume his post.

That all changed a few nights ago when Greenest fell under attack from the Cult of the Dragon. During the Cult’s pillaging of Greenest, Immy’s father was killed in front of her. What is more, she herself would have died, were it not for the passing intervention of Brir.

As Governor Nighthill rallied his militia to advance on the Dragon Cultist;s camp, Immy volunteered to be a part of the forward scouting effort in order to repay her savior, and have first crack at the cultists who killed her adopted father.

Imzel "Immy" Negroda

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