Sultan Asaf yn Oron yn Yael yi Habhala

Ruler of Habhala


No one could doubt by looking at Assof’s regal bearing that he is a cut above the unwashed masses. Assof is prone to giving the benefit of the doubt however, If you do him an injury, he will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.

It Assof’s my duty to protect and care for the people beneath him, which is everyone. He will face any challenge to win the approval of my family, as he stands as an example to them.

Assof hides a truly scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever. That secret being Discord, whom he now keeps an eye on.

He is often seen sporting a single, ancient, heavy, leather gauntlet with tortoise shell and yew wood mosaic backing, and lapis lazuli gems adorning the knuckles.


Assof has decided that, in order to rule better, he must experience lands that are not his own. What is more, the emergence of Discord from her hermitic life style means Assof must keep an eye on her, as she is somehow tied in to what could be his family’s undoing.

Attended by three of his royal attendants, Assof now travels with Discord and Brir through the Heartlands and the Sword Coast.

Sultan Asaf yn Oron yn Yael yi Habhala

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