Updated: 16 Jan 2015
Currency: 405 gp, 559 sp, 89 ep, 1425 cp,

Mundane Gear (Prices are listed as Market Value for one unit):
3x vials of perfume (10 gp each)
2x Garnets (10 gp each)
30x Beaver pelts (2 gp each)
1x Shiny ruby (30 gp)
3x Bottles of rare Reagents (mercury, nightshade, and dragonbile) 25 gp each
5x Carnelians (10 gold each)
2x Peridots (15 gold each)
1x Pearl (100 gp)
1x Jade Frog Statuette with golden orbs for eyes (40 gp)

1x Wagon
2x Mules

Magic Gear:
1x Scroll of darkness in bone tube (A gift from Hamun Kost)
2x Potion of Healing
1x Staff of Defense
1x Scroll of Charm Person
1x Scroll of Fireball

Moonsliver Sickle (Altariel)- The sickle has seven charges. You can use a charge to cast either Cure Wounds or Bless. For each additional charge used, you can cast the spell chosen at one level higher per charge.

The sickle regains 1d6+1 charges each long rest, so long as it is exposed to moon light. If the last charge is expended on the sickle, roll a d20, on a roll of a “1” the sickle reverts back to its rusted and battered state before crumbling to oxidized dust.

Key Gear:

Militia Supplies:


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