Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Discord's three Days

It's not easy being creepy

The tapping into as much shadow for the event that got the party hired as caravan guards had sent Discord dangerously closer to giving into the shadow than she was willing to tell her new friends. What no one realized was that the symbols and glyphs she was drawing in the barn for the last 3 days were not for summoning or contacting the Astral Sea but wards set up to contain Discord herself while she meditated and returned to the calm state where she could function in society. The warding also served to hide her from Shar, by drawing in so much power from the Astral Sea Shar had become aware of Discord’s location.


I love everything happening here.

Immy spent her 3 days almost completing a new bar for The Mermaid (Just needs some stain, and maybe all the shelfs were secured to the backing…), studying anything she could discover about the Cult of the Dragon and Tiamat, and making 15 doses of laxative for Brir.

Discord's three Days
Osman akbubba

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