Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Dragon Hatchery

Dungeons & Dragons (Eggs)

After returning to the cultist’s camp our hero’s found that the main body of cultists had traveled to the north, taking the hoard of ill gotten goods with them. Seeing that the bulk of the force gone the Heroes infiltrated the hatchery and found a secret passage just inside the entrance leading to the cultist’s barrack and treasure room. Inside the treasure room they found a bound gagged young, female halfling laying against the back wall, but no treasure. After freeing and reviving the halfling, she identified herself as Cora, a Harper agent sent to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon. Cora joined the heroes as the attack the remaining cultists and guards. The end of the battle came when Imzel “Immy” Negroda knock out Frulam Mondath and the heros took her captive.

After a short time spent resting and inspecting Frulam’s quarters the heroes slipped through another hidden passage that lead them to a large chamber dedicated to Tiamate, the Dragon Cults scaled goddess. There they faced and defeated Langdedrosa Cyanwrat avenging Sultan Asaf yn Oron yn Yael yi Habhala defeat at the Half-Dragon’s hands.

With Brir‘s expert hand distracting the Guard Drakes and Discord’s new Kobold followers feeding a monstrous roper the heroes where able to retrieve all 3 black dragon eggs being kept in the hatchery. As a last surprise for any returning cultists the heroes freed some of the untrained guard drakes and loosed they to wander the halls of the Hatchery as a trap.

Following Governor Nighthill‘s message from Leosin Erlanthar, the heroes turn north to the city of Elturel to see Leosin’s contact Ontharr Frume at the Black Antler Tavern.

1x Halbred +1
1x Split Mail +1
6x scabbards decorated with dragon motifs (5 gp each)
1x string of pearls (300 gp)
1x gold & sapphire ring (900 gp)
6x masterfully cut & polished precious stones (100 gp each)
coins & small gems (120 gp)
2x Guard Drakes

All chr should be lvl 4
Discord can gain the service of 2 Kobold peons if she wishes

2 with Greenest
2 Harpers
2 Order of the Gantlet


Osman Osman

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